You can’t afford NOT to download this whitepaper! What Every CEO Needs To Know Before Spending A Dime On Marketing is a beefy, 25-page tell-all report that offers a deep dive into the relationship between marketing departments and sales teams. This marketing manifesto is not for the thin-skinned, nor the faint of heart. It is an unscripted, poignant perspective from our CEO, Olalah Njenga, a Forbes.com Braintrust Contributor, an award-winning business owner and strategic marketing expert who has seen the best of and the worse of marketing and sales practices. Known for her straight talk, Olalah puts it out there in a gritty, yet intelligent way. You won’t be able to put this whitepaper down and you’ll want to share it with your colleagues (but make them download their own copy!).

“This is VERY good!” — Lisa Feierstein, RN, BSN, MBA, CEO of Active Healthcare, Inc.

Inside the 25-page whitepaper, you’ll discover:

-> How to simplify metrics to make them both meaningful and measurable
-> How getting clear about goals creates momentum and impacts outcomes
-> How breakthrough milestones become critical to longevity
-> How seeing people instead of prospects makes selling to them effortless
-> How capitalizing on the culture of your company becomes your secret weapon
-> How vetting marketing spend makes everyone accountable to the result
-> How leveraging a first mover mindset fuels your collective efforts
-> How to see leads for what they really are, and what they aren’t
-> How to be untouchable irrespective of the economy
-> How to end the revenue drain caused by mucked-up marketing and sloppy selling

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