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Marketing and Sales: Can’t We All Just Get Along?


Sales and marketing teams, left to their own devices, do not speak the same language. They think they do, but they don’t. Sales teams speak the language of prospects, appointments, commitments, and closed deals. Marketing teams speak the language of exposure, brand awareness, impressions, and reach. Language conditions the way people think, act, and make decisions. It shapes the way …

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Branding In The Blended Workplace

We are moving toward a part-time, short-term, outsourced, telecommuting, job-sharing, telepresence, IMing, text you later workforce. How in the world are marketers going to reinforce brand sentiment when the very people representing the brand are spread out from anywhere in the world? And just what are the implications for the companies behind the brands?

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The Death of John Doe

Segmentation based solely on demographics is harder than it used to be, and it’s not about to get any easier. There are a number of reasons for this, including the cultural shift away from “we” thinking toward “me” thinking that has driven the trend toward hyper-personalized products. However, there is a far simpler reason . . . the proverbial John …

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QR Codes . . . Brilliant? Or Bust?

Quick Response (QR) codes make a lot of sense for the right marketing campaign, as they make it possible to bridge the end user’s offline experience to the offline experience. However, there’s a hitch. According to a recent survey, an estimated 64% of consumers do not understand the purpose of QR codes. Is that a problem?

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The Media Owes You Nothing

Like it or not, nothing boosts business like a little publicity. Despite the swirl of information about how social media has changed business, social media doesn’t seem to quell the need for good old fashion publicity. Many of my clients understand that submitting a concept to the media does not mean it will be picked up. But every once in …

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What’s Your Reputation Worth?

For several years, we were “that” house in the neighborhood. “That” house is the house where neighborhood kids congregate on the porch. Kids you don’t know show up bumped, bruised and bleeding looking for a kind word and a first aid kit. “That” house is the house where neighbors show up with dog on lease, key in hand, a feeding …

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Marketing In Uncertainty

When economic conditions are turbulent, many business owners scale back on their marketing spending and shift their attention to their sales force. Typically, the sales force in turn, is expected to produce more, albeit with fewer marketing resources at hand. Unfortunately, this scenario is more common than not, and often with tragic results for both the company and the company’s …

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5 Keys To Mastering Social Media

Social this. Social that. But what does it all really mean? Here’s the short answer; to some it means absolutely nothing; to others, it means the world has changed forever. As a marketing strategist, I see the social space as a relevant environment for business growth. In fact, through social platforms, I have met some of the most talented people …

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I Want A Refund! 3 Keys To Recovering A Client

When a client called me upset and disappointed with a project we were handling for her, I could feel my heart pounding and I could feel my palms starting to get clammy. I knew that sound in a client’s voice – I knew it well. I used to hear it everyday as a freshman in college (too many years ago …

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